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Chiayi City Mayor rushes to aid of another accident victim

Mayor/Doctor Twu Shiing-jer criticized for some and praised by others for frequently rushing to accident scenes to help

Chiayi City Mayor rushes to aid of another accident victim

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- After Chiayi Mayor and former physician Twu Shiing-jer (涂醒哲) posted an image of him tending to a female scooter crash victim on Oct. 20, some netizens criticized it as a political ploy, while others praised his pattern of offering assistance to accident victims, reported Liberty Times.

On the morning of Oct. 20, at the intersection of Linsen Rd. and Xinsheng Rd. in Chiayi City, a sedan making a left turn failed to yield to a scooter going straight through the intersection. As a result, the scooter collided with the front of the car and the driver of the motorbike, a 24-year-old woman surnamed Tsai (蔡) was hurled headlong under the front grill of the vehicle.

Twu, whose vehicle just happened to be right next to the scene of the accident, leaped out and immediately placed himself between the car and the injured woman, checked on her condition, and continually offered words of encouragement to her.

The Chiayi fire department said that the injured woman was coherent, but her lower leg was fractured as well as having a 10 cm laceration, and she was sent to Chiayi's St. Martin De Porres Hospital for further treatment.

Some netizens were suspicious of his timing and proximity to the accident and others in the past:

"Did you just happen to pass by or were you one of the perpetrators?"

"Such a coincidence, every time just happen to be passing by."

"Old tactic by the Democratic Progressive Party."

"It's no use, you won't get re-elected."

In the face of this criticism, one netizen pointed out an act of charity on the part of Twu that had not been widely publicized. He said that his cousin was injured in the 2015 Bangkok bombing and was sent to the intensive care unit. During this time Twu and Democratic Progressive Party Legislator Wang Ting-yu (王定宇) were campaigning for votes from overseas Taiwanese, they suddenly made a surprise visit to the hospital to visit is cousin, and at the time there was no media present. So instead of a publicity stunt, it was just showing concern for others, he concluded.

In response to his post, many concurred with his sentiment:

"Too many people see a color (political party) when speaking."

"Doing good deeds deserves praise."

"No matter what political party you belong to, as long as you are a good person and do good deeds, they are all worthy of support and affirmation!"

Twu indeed has been seen helping people in need on numerous occasions in the past. On July 24 of this year, just after running an errand and just as he was getting ready to each breakfast, there was a collision between a middle school boy on a bicycle and a scooter. As the boy lay on the pavement, Twu rushed to his side to provide assistance.

On Oct. 18 of last year, Twu's vehicle just happened to pass a car accident on Chiayi City's Zhongshan road leaving a woman sprawled on the pavement. He immediately leaped out of his car and started to attend to her injuries.

In his Facebook post on Oct. 20, Twu said the following:

"This morning at the intersection of Linsen Rd. and Xinsheng Rd., there was an accident between a vehicle turning left and another going straight. I got out of my check, I saw a young scooter rider had many abrasions, which was worrying, firefighters quickly rushed her to the hospital. I again ask everyone when driving to not go too fast, be sure to protect the safety of yourself and others."

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