Kaohsiung man confesses murdering his daughter and hiding her corpse for 12 years

Post his divorce he became a migrant worker and would carry his daughter's dead body with him everywhere he went in a black bin bag


(By Wikimedia Commons)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)-- A man in Kaohsiung surnamed Lin (林) walked into a police station in Kaohsiung on Thursday night with a bin bag which contained the dead body of his one-month-old daughter whom he killed 12 years ago.

Lin, 43, who works in a rural factory, confessed to the police after he saw the recent news of Taiwanese parents killing their children in Yunlin. He told the police it was his guilty conscience and the recent case that gave him the courage to come forward and turn himself in. 

According to Lin's confession he had "accidentally" killed his daughter in the year 2005 as he had lost his temper because she wouldn't stop crying while he was bottle-feeding her.

He  said he had no intention of hiding and did nothing to hide from the authorities. Lin does not own a cell phone and works as a laborer in a rural factory. 

After killing his one-month-old daughter he lied to his wife that his own mother had taken the child and he had no way of finding out her whereabouts or to get her back. 

He said to the police that he was in a state of shock himself and panicked as he did not know what to do, so he placed her dead body in a black bin bag and hid it under the bed he and his wife slept on for the next 11 years.

His wife, surnamed Kuo, who is now 38 years old, said she had no idea where her husband had taken her daughter and believed whatever he said about her mother-in-law taking their daughter and raising the child on her own. 

After two years of the incident, the pair had another daughter and are said to have slept right above the same bed where their daughter's corpse was rotting and would continue to for the next nine years.The couple have said to have divorced in 2013.

According to Lin, post divorce he became a migrant worker and would carry his daughter's dead body with him everywhere he went in that same black bin bag.

When the police searched their records, they found a missing person's case as the kid was not enrolled in any primary school in Taiwan after the local social service bureau could not find her registration in any primary school of the country. The birth registry had shown the girl's birth recorded in December 2005 and that way she should have been registered for school in 2012.

After the police contacted the mother at that time and questioned her, she said she had no idea where the father had taken the child. 

The authorities said they have been trying to find Lin for the past five years but couldn't track him down until he turned himself in on Thursday.

Authorities have said that the investigation was on and that medical examinations will be done to confirm the identity of the body before charging Lin with manslaughter.