Art Taipei kicks off with thousands of contemporary artworks on display

More than 3,000 pieces of artworks from over one hundred galleries worldwide are on display, according to the organizer.


(Photo courtesy Art Taipei 2017)

(Photo courtesy Art Taipei 2017)

(Photo courtesy Art Taipei 2017)

(Photo courtesy Art Taipei 2017)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The annual fair Art Taipei kicked off on Friday at the city’s World Trade Center, inviting galleries as well as the audience to participate in a grand feast where thousands of contemporary artworks from all over the world are on display until October 23.

The exhibition welcomed its 24th year with more than 3,000 pieces of art from over one hundred galleries worldwide, according to the organizer.

The theme of the year “the Asian vision” brought together contemporary works from Asia. Facing the global art market that is constantly changing, these works embrace diversity and therefore invite more dialogue into the realm of arts.

The art fair aggregated numerous quality works from private museums in China and the Middle East. The booming of private art museums over the past years in these rapidly developing countries represent a new era of art dealing and exhibitions.   

The art fair is also where young artists find their stage. The “Made in Taiwan  (MIT) Section” focuses on showcasing innovative works carefully selected among Taiwanese young talent. In the past ten years, many of those who have exhibited their works in Art Taipei have gained recognition from domestic and foreign galleries as well as museums.

This year, the judges chose eight Taiwanese young artists out of 80 to be showcased with the intention to promote the creativity of domestic young talent in various art fields.

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