Korean prof at Chengchi University to be tried for sexually harassing 2 students

Foreign 'wolf teacher' has been formally accused of sexually harassing 2 female Chengchi University students

Chengchi University administrative building.

Chengchi University administrative building. (Wikimedia Commons photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A Korean professor at Chengchi University has been accused of being what Taiwanese Chinese language media refer to as a "wolf teacher" (sexual predator teacher, 狼師) for allegedly sexually harassing at least two students at the college, reported Apple Daily.

In June of this year, news broke on Facebook that a Korean professor in National Chengchi University's Department of Language and Culture in a study room allegedly touched the clavicle, buttocks and other private parts of a female student. In response, DPP Legislator Chen Ting-fei(陳亭妃) held a press conference at the time calling for the Ministry of Education to properly handle the incident.

Later, two female students came forward to formally press charges, claiming Park of touched their buttocks, breasts and other private areas. Although Park denied the accusations, the Taipei District Prosecutors office did not believe his denials and today sought to prosecute him for violating the "Sexual Harassment Prevention Act" (性騷擾防制條例).

At the June press conference, Chen pointed out that the college students had revealed on Facebook that when the Korean professor was using the study room to interview a female students, he allegedly suddenly reached out and caressed their shoulders for about 10 seconds and even blew on their palms. He then allegedly patted their buttocks, and repeatedly poked their waists and pinched their cheeks.

The students said that when they tried to evade his advances, he would say "Can you treat the professor like this? If you act like this, I will be called a pervert, it is you who is overreacting." He would also allegedly say, "Don't you often think about Teacher? If you want Teacher, let me know."

After Chengchi University organized an investigation, even more students have come forward who claim they too have been sexually assaulted by Park, including the two who reported the incidents to police. After the incidents were reported to the police, Park was summoned to appear in court, where he said that he was very clear that such acts are improper, however he denied taking advantage of them or committing any crimes.

Prosecutors did not believe his denials after many more students came forward to testify in court that they had seen Park rub the heads of students, hug them and other public displays of affection, and also because of the two female students who come forward providing very similar accounts. Park is now to face trial and is subject to a restriction from leaving the country.

In light of these developments, Chengchi University has also announced that Park has been suspended from teaching.