Mercury to drop to 19 degrees Celsius in northern Taiwan on Saturday

A wet, cold weekend is on the way, but sunny skies will return after next Wednesday

(By Taiwan News)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A strong cold air mass is about to approach Taiwan Saturday and send the temperature down to 19 degrees Celsius at the lowest in northern and central regions together with scattered showers until next Wednesday.

The Central Weather Bureau (CWB) issued a heavy rain advisory for Taipei City, New Taipei and Keelung City on Thursday and Friday.

Thursday started wet and cool. The latest CWB weather report indicates the day's high to hover around 25 to 26 degrees Celsius and the day's low to dip to 23 degrees in northern and central regions on Thursday and Friday. From Saturday to Sunday, a stronger cold air mass is to leave cooler weather islandwide; mercury in northern and central Taiwan and Yilan is expected to plummet down to 19 degrees Celsius.

Saturday's high could reach 25, 29 and 30 degrees Celsius in northern, central, and southern regions respectively, while the low could hit 19 in much of the country except the southern region, according to the forecast. The temperature gap between day and night could be up to 10 degrees Celsius.

The offshore islets of Taiwan in Kingmen and Penghu will have sunny skies throughout the week, with the lowest temperatures to hit 21 and 23 degrees respectively.