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Showrunner alleges sexual harassment by Bob Weinstein

Showrunner alleges sexual harassment by Bob Weinstein

NEW YORK (AP) — Spike network is investigating reports of sexual harassment by the brother of disgraced film mogul Harvey Weinstein against the female showrunner of a series produced by The Weinstein Co. and aired on Spike.

Amanda Segel, a producer of "The Mist," alleges that Bob Weinstein made repeated romantic overtures, according to a story published Tuesday by Variety. They included invitations to dinner, his home and a hotel room.

Spike says the network takes all allegations of this nature very seriously and is investigating.

Segal says the propositions began in June 2016. They stopped a few months later only after Segel's lawyer gave Weinstein Co. executives an ultimatum that Segel would leave the show if Weinstein persisted.

Neither Weinstein's attorney, Bert Fields, nor The Weinstein Co. responded to repeated requests for comment.