Ready for the next Taiwan Costco frenzy? Japanese and Korean goodies are coming soon

Costco set to increase exchange of goods in Taiwan, Japan, S. Korea, and China markets via new platform


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- After the huge success of I-Mei milk tea in Taiwan and I-Mei Puffs in Japan, Costco's Asia Pacific Senior Vice President Richard Chang (張嗣漢) has established an Asian commodity information exchange system that will facilitate more exposure to Asian products in each of Costco's markets. 

With Taiwan now serving as the headquarters for Costco's Asia-Pacific operations, Chang has designed the "Taiwan, Japan, South Korea Asian Commodity Exchange Alliance Platform" to increase the exchange of goods among the warehouse club's outlets in Japan, South Korea, China, and Taiwan, reported China Times

Examples of highly popular products that will be available in Taiwan via this new platform would be Japanese crackers, enamled cast iron cooking pots and home appliances, while popular Korean goods include beauty products such as Snail brand hydrating face masks, as well as seaweed and kimchi. Popular Japanese appliances that will become available will include ionic hair driers, electric tooth brushes, and 10 kg inverter steam and grill microwave ovens.

Prior to the establishment of this platform, such products were previously unavailable at Taiwan's 13 Costco outlets because the demand was not large enough to justify selling such products in bulk. With the new system, products that are popular with Asian consumers and are suitable for the local market can be exported through the internal procurement system as soon as possible.

For example, using the the platform a Taiwanese Costco can recommend I-Mei Puffs for the Japanese market, and after undergoing the an internal evaluation by Japan's Costco, the sweet treats can smoothly clear customs and rapidly arrive on the shelves of Japanese Costcos. 

Next year a new Costco will open in Taichung as well as in Shanghai, which should provide even more options on the platform. 

I-Mei Choco Puff (CNA image)