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Taipei MRT to adapt ambient music in 5 stations

The best 5 music works were chosen among 447 submissions

Taipei MRT to adapt ambient music in 5 stations

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Five stations of the Taipei Mass Rapid Transit system have started to broadcast ambient music that reflects the particular features of local soundscape and land art of each station.

From Oct. 13, passengers traveling to Songshan Airport station, Taipei Arena station, Longshan temple station, Dongmen Station and Xiangshan Station can enjoy a 10-minute long piece of ambient music integrating the history and culture of the places as of the second stage of a program called Taipei MRT ambient music.

Beginning in 2015, Taipei City in collaboration with Taipei Metro Company launched the program called "Taipei Soundscape" with the purpose of bringing melodies to MRT stations. Following the program, beep sound at the gates of the station and the alert sound reminding passengers on and off-board have been replaced by pre-recorded music.

Continuing to fill metro stations with melodies, Taipei City proposed the MRT station ambient music project in 2016 and invited five professional musicians to create ambient music for these MRT stations, including Tamsui station, Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall station, Xiaobitan station and Zhongshan Junior High School Station for the first stage of the plan.

In the second stage, an online competition that allowed talented musicians regardless of their nationalities to compose music for the MRT were launched and received in total 447 pieces. The best five works were chosen to broadcast in each MRT stations.

Below are the auditions:

At Dongmen Station

At Taipei Arena Station

At Xiangshan Station

At Longshan Temple Station

At Songshan Airport Station