Photo of the day: Terracotta model of Japanese colonial building

American teacher creates terracotta lamp inspired by a Japanese colonial era building in Taipei's Dadaocheng

Terracotta lamp. (@myseoulcalledlife)

Terracotta lamp. (@myseoulcalledlife)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Inspired by an old Japanese colonial era (1895-1945) building in Taipei's historic Dadaocheng area, an American teacher created a terracotta clay model of the structure and posted the image on Reddit and Instagram on Oct. 10, Taiwan's National Day. 

Colton Jackson, 27, who hails from Lisbon Falls, Maine, says that the 20-inch-tall terracotta lamp was inspired by a Japanese colonial era building he had photographed while on a trip to Taipei in 2013. 

On April 5, Jackson posted an image of the original Instagram account myseoulcalledlife, as well as Reddit, where he asked redditors for photos of other similar structures in Taiwan with which to base his model on.

Original structure (center) model was based on. (Image from @myseoulcalledlife)

On Tuesday, Oct. 10, Jackson revealed his new creation on Instagram and Reddit:

Chinese characters on top read "Fortune Teller." (Image from @myseoulcalledlife)

As for how the clay miniature version was created Jackson said on Reddit, "It's all slabs joined together for the base form and I use square rods of different sizes to cut up more slabs to make uniform rows of bricks that I slip and score on."