Letter marked with McDonald’s coupon instead of stamp arrives at Taiwan destination

A maximum prison sentence of 5 years awaits the perpetrator

The sundae stamp (Photo from Baoxiao Gongshe on Facebook)

The sundae stamp (Photo from Baoxiao Gongshe on Facebook)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A letter carrying a McDonald’s coupon instead of a postage stamp was postmarked by the post office and delivered to its destination, reports said Friday.

Netizen Giname An posted a picture on the Facebook humor group Baoxiao Gongshe (爆笑公社) of a typical Taiwanese envelope with the name and address of a prominent stockbroker in Taipei City and what looked like a yellow stamp in the top left hand corner.

However, on closer inspection, the stamp turned out to be a coupon for a free sundae, with a picture of the ice cream product and the price value of NT$10 (US$0.33) printed clearly, as well as the typical Golden Arches logo of the fast food company.

The letter really arrived at the stockbroker, meaning the post office had accepted the coupon as a stamp, reports said.

Netizens theorized that someone about to send the letter had run out of stamps and glued the coupon to the envelope instead, or that postage had already been prepaid and the sender just wanted to have some fun, according to the Chinese-language United Daily News.

Others said they had to admit that the coupon really looked a lot like a stamp because of its size and color and the mention of a value,

As soon as 2009, the Chinese-language Apple Daily already reported that the post office acknowledged the similarities between official postage stamps and McDonald’s coupons, blaming any confusion on the machines handling the mail.

Nevertheless, anyone found to stick coupons on his letters instead of real stamps could face a prison sentence of up to five years, officials said.