Video emerges of Iranian man pummeling police in front of Presidential Office

Video surfaces of irate Iranian manhandling multiple police officers in front of Presidential Office

Screenshot of video posted Youtube by 爆料公社3.0.

Screenshot of video posted Youtube by 爆料公社3.0.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Video has surfaced of an Iranian man assaulting multiple police officers, who appear to be powerless to restrain him, near the Presidential Office on Thursday.

The man, named as Vahid, 31, was first seen running in the fast lane on Xinyi Road, according to the Chinese-language Apple Daily. When a police officer tried to tell him his actions were dangerous, the man reportedly jumped on his car.

When the officer tried to drive Vahid to a nearby police station, the Iranian suddenly leapt out of the car as it was driving past the Taipei Guesthouse and a fight broke out, during which the officer was injured, reports said.

The video shot from inside a car and posted by Breaking News Commune on YouTube, starts with two police officers trying to restrain and handcuff Vahid, however, he breaks free and soon starts to flail the officers with his fists, despite handcuffs being attached to his left hand. Soon another officer joins the fray, but this does not deter the manic man who at one point leaps in the air to deliver a flying elbow/knee to one hapless officer.  

Each time one of the officers tries to apprehend the assailant, he clocks them with a punch to the face. Eventually, all three policemen back off and Vahid, who reportedly suffers from mental illness, starts ranting, and since the police seem to be powerless to contain him, he starts to walk away.  

The three officers then try a new strategy of swarming him at once, however Vahid appears to injure one of the policemen with a strike to the face, and the other two back off again. 

As the police mount yet another attempt to contain Vahid, the fight gets so close to the car of the people videoing the scene that the madman nearly smashes into the vehicle. It is at that point that the passenger nearest the man finally locks the car door. 

Throughout the melee, the passengers in the car calmly comment on the fight in Mandarin and Taiwanese dialect as if they are watching a TV show. A male in the car can clearly be heard saying multiple times "they're too polite, they're too polite." After nearly two minutes of fighting, the police have still failed to gain the upper hand, so the family finally decides to move on with their day. 

Subsequent videos released by various media outlets show half a dozen officers creating a dog pile to finally contain the crazed man. While being restrained under the dog pile, he can be hear saying in English "You must pay, I remember your name. I remember, the camera is here... He must pay, he is not a police." He then switches to Mandarin and says, "You must pay, NT$200,000 is not enough. I want to go to the hospital. You must pay NT$200,000."

The man reportedly enrolled in a Ph.D. in chemistry program at National Central University in 2014 and last year taught at National Taiwan University, police said, adding he was in the possession of a work permit valid until next March.

There was no information about the motives for his behavior, the Apple Daily noted.