FitZup to promote Taiwan as Fitness Tourism destination

Sunny Arorain a journey through Taiwan took Top Five Indian TV actresses to experience at boot-camp in Taiwan

Rohan Mehra‏ in Taiwan hot spring. (Image from @rohan4747 Twitter)

Rohan Mehra‏ in Taiwan hot spring. (Image from @rohan4747 Twitter)

NEW DELHI (Taiwan News) -- An Indian entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast, Sunny Arora, who recently launched India's premium and organized fitness revolution through Fitness tourism, FitZup, recently took Top Five Indian TV actresses, Barkha Bisht Sengupta, Mrunal Thakur, Kanchi Singh, Tejaswi Prakash and Priyanca Talukdar, accompanied by young and dapper Actor Rohan Mehra and lifestyle blogger Santoshi Shetty, under the able guidance of fitness expert Ritesh Sahiwal in a journey through Taiwan to experience the boot-camp to revive and refresh through a dexterous program of Fitness & Travel. 

The activities on the trip included a poolside fitness party, Reikei hot spring resort, movement raining on grass, parkour, free run at Landis Resort, a parachute run at Yangminshan National Park, beach boot camp, cycling at Old Caoling Tunnel, yoga, tai chi and Pilates, dance as therapy and a five km run in Taipei. 

(Image from @rohan4747 Twitter)

Since health and wellness have become bywords in India, and people are embracing the benefits exercise offers combined with a healthy lifestyle and good food, the intention was to introduce and promote natural and healthy alternatives to the health conscious and fitness addicts. The revolution pledges to revive the ancient techniques and deep-rooted philosophy of Ayurveda, in a more modern and urban avatar to acquaint the new India with the glorious roots of its past. 

Retreat Taiwan is the second stop in its International fitness tour -- the core vibe of the tour focuses on the idea of celebrating fitness and travel. From calming aquatic exercises to rejuvenating hot spring massages, beach workouts and boot camps this tour is tailor-made to unwind and rejuvenate. 

(Image from @rohan4747 Twitter)

Said Barkha, "Taiwanese people are very humble, down to earth and very friendly. I felt very safe here and thoroughly enjoyed my time here. As a single woman, I cannot emphasis enough how safe and friendly Taiwan is," she said. 

Mrunal Thakur thoroughly enjoyed the food in Taiwan which she found very healthy and tasty. 

Kanchi Singh was awed by the beauty and natural assets of Taiwan which were world-class and took the retreat to another level. 

Tejaswi Prakash and Priyanca also enjoyed the trip through Taiwan and deemed it perfect for a family holiday as its very safe and easy to travel through the country. 

"Collaborating fitness, healthy lifestyle and nutritional eating – we present Retreat Taiwan as never before. Watch these fit & fab TV stars and influencers rejuvenate and relax in the tranquil serenity of Taiwan. This trip is tailor-made to explore Taiwan like never before through the lens of meditative leisure. We look forward to create and generate re-energized testimonials," commented Dr. Trust Lin, Director, Taiwan Tourism Bureau, Singapore Office.