New typhoon likely to form and affect Taiwan on weekend

Observatory says depression forming near Luzon, Philippines is to bring torrential rain to eastern Taiwan

(Image courtesy of Central Weather Bureau)

(Image courtesy of Central Weather Bureau)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - Weather experts warned of a new storm on the horizon. A tropical depression east of Luzon in the Philippines is likely to develop into a storm between Friday evening and Saturday, and could become the 20th typhoon of the year, according to local meteorologist Wu Der-rong.

Wu cited a forecast made by the Regional Specialized Meteorological Center (RSMC) Tokyo saying that the tropical depression will be passing through Luzon from Friday and hit Hainan Island on Sunday. Torrential rain is expected to pour and affect eastern Taiwan as a result of a combined effect of the circulation of the storm and northeasterly winds swirling around.

Northern and eastern Taiwan will experience cooler weather from Friday to Saturday, while central and the southern region is expected to see occasional rains.

The weather conditions are expected to stabilize on Monday as the impact of the typhoon subsides.

Wu indicates that another typhoon could form next week to the east of the Philippines, but the chances it will affect Taiwan are very low as a cold air is coming down to Taiwan after Wednesday which will likely push the depression southward.