U.S. government official attends Taiwan's Yushan Forum

The forum has invited officials from 15 countries


(By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – According to the American Institute in Taiwan, US government official Michele Schimpp, the deputy associate administrator for the US Small Business Administration’s Office for Investment and Innovation, is attending the two-day Yushan Forum in Taipei on Wednesday.

The announcement also mentioned the official is visiting Taiwan especially to attend the event and to deliver a speech at the conference.

The Central News Agency reports that Schimpp was scheduled to speak at a luncheon on Wednesday as mentioned in the forum’s agenda.

Schimpp is also scheduled to meet with local government officials as well as industrial sector representatives to discuss more possibilities at hand to improve the current economic ties between Taipei and Washington during her visit.

"Ms. Schimpp has over 20 years of experience managing U.S. government organizations and start-up operations related to global job creation, competitiveness and economic growth," the AIT said in the statement as reported by CNA.

The forum has reportedly invited 40 guests from 15 countries around the world, including South East Asia, South Asia, Japan and the United States.