Paraguay to export more beef to Taiwan

Ties between Taiwan and Paraguay to strengthen through larger beef imports and an upcoming economic agreement


(By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – President Tsai Ing-wen announced the improvement of economic ties with Paraguay by confirming that Taiwan will increase beef imports from the Latin American country.

Paraguay’s Supreme Court head Luis Maria Benitez Riera met with the president on Tuesday following which the announcement was made.

According to reports from Central News Agency, President Tsai expressed hopes for better development in the future, not just on economic issues but also in the fight against crime, reportedly saying that Benitez was a strong advocate for the same purpose.

The Tsai government and Benitez are working together to push forward an agreement that would allow Taiwan and Paraguay to work together in terms of criminal justice, reports said.

Tsai also reiterated that Taiwan and Paraguay’s bilateral relations of 60 years were a sign of strong relations and that the two nations have plenty to mention in terms of mutual collaboration and exchanges.

Tsai also mentioned that the government would work on increasing the number of scholarships for Paraguayan students who wished to study in Taiwan.