'I hope you never wake up' says nurse after bf and mistress hospitalized

Nurse hopes comatose bf never wakes up after arriving in ER with mistress

Stock image of nurse. (Photo by Pixapay user voltamax)

Stock image of nurse. (Photo by Pixapay user voltamax)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Not long after a nurse wished her boyfriend a good night before starting the graveyard shift at a hospital in Tainan, the man and a female companion suddenly arrive in the emergency room after a serious car accident, and knowing that he is in a serious coma, she angrily posts on Facebook "I hope you never wake up," reported ETNews.

An anonymous user on the Facebook group Complain Boyfriend (靠北男友) said that on one evening when working at the emergency room at a hospital in Tainan, her boyfriend sent a message saying that he was going home to go to sleep. To her shock, an hour later a badly injured and unconscious man arrived in the emergency room via ambulance from a car accident who looked very familiar, and lo and behold it was her boyfriend!

Not only was her beloved boyfriend in a coma, but to her horror, he was accompanied by another woman, who was also being treated for abrasions from the car crash, but was conscious. She asked the attending physician about their situation, and he said that they were driving to Kaohsiung to "play" when the accident occurred. 

In her post she writes:

"As I listened from the side and wearing my surgical mask, my heart started to bleed, I saw they had same smartphones and wear the same bracelets. That girl even asked: 'Excuse me, how's my boyfriend doing?' I could only stare as she tended him by his bedside, and nervously cry."

She said that she had never expected that after being with him for three years that she would be injecting him with blood in this kind of situation, especially in the presence of another woman by his side, who she had never seen before. As the reality of the situation started to sink in and with a broken heart, she bitterly writes: "I hope you never wake up, this way I can never need to hear you speak the truth."

Netizens quickly posted cynical comments:

"Don't save him, give it up. Did he sign up to donate his organs?"

"Directly contact the mortuary."

"God has eyes, he let you see the true face of trash clearly."

"Why don't you stick him with the thickest No. 18 needle?"

"This car crash is his karma."

"If I were you, I would tell that girl that your boyfriend died in the car accident."

Though at least one netizen had doubts about the story's authenticity, "This is a story from a soap opera, don't try to fool us."