Family of 3 commits suicide over doctor's debt In New Taipei

Family of 3 found dead in New Taipei apartment in apparent suicide over father's debt

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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- After a landlord discovered the bodies of a family of three yesterday afternoon in New Taipei City, an initial police investigation has revealed that the man was a physician apparently deeply in dept, who after leaving a suicide note, apparently committed suicide with his wife and daughter, possibly by consuming an unidentified white powder found at the scene, reported TVBS.

As the tenants had not paid rent in quite some time and had not responded to attempts to contact them, the landlord at around 4 p.m. yesterday knocked on the glass door without a response. As a strong stench was emanating from the apartment, the landlord continued to frantically knock until the glass shattered.

Once he looked inside, he found the bodies of the 64-year-old physician, surnamed Wu, his Chinese-Malaysian housewife, 62, and their daughter, aged 24. The mother and daughter were found lying on the bed still covered in a quilt, while the father was seen lying on the floor. 

The limbs of the deceased had become swollen and blackened, while cups containing a white powder which they apparently consumed were found nearby, along with a suicide note. According to police, the three had been dead for at least three days. 

Based on the evidence gathered thus far, police believe that Wu, despite being a doctor of internal medicine, had accumulated a great deal of debt, and had for that reason apparently had the whole family join him in committing suicide. 

According to the landlord, the 24-year-old daughter was the person who normally paid the monthly rent of of NT$20,000 on time at the middle of each month. However, in September, she asked for an extension to the end of the month. 

As September came and went with no sign of the rent, it was yesterday (Oct. 10) that the landlord decided to come to the apartment to speak to her directly, but instead found that she and her parents were deceased.

Police are continuing to investigate to determine the exact cause of the tenants' untimely deaths.