Record number of days 37 degrees and hotter for Taipei in 2017 so far

October and November should be warmer than average: forecasters


Taipei has had 21 days so far this year with the mercury hitting at least 37 degrees. (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Since measuring temperatures started in 1896, Taipei has never had as many days in one year where the mercury hit at least 37 degrees, the Central Weather Bureau said Tuesday.

There were at least 21 such days so far this year, while the rest of October as well as November could also be expected to be relatively warm, according to forecasters.

Over the past few days, Taichung witnessed a high of 38.3 degrees and Hsinchu 37.9 Celsius, both record highs for October in those cities.

While Taipei broke no records on Tuesday for Taiwan’s National Day, 33.2 degrees was still an unexpected high, marking the warmest Double Ten since 2000, according to a report in the Chinese-language Apple Daily.

October as a whole was likely to show an average temperature higher than in previous years, while November would also be mild but some indicators pointed in the direction of cold weather possible in December, reports said.

For the immediate future, Taipei could expect rain on Wednesday after the brief dry interval which marked Double Ten.