Hsinchu registers its hottest October day in 80 years

Mercury hit the record 38 degrees Celsius in Hsinchu County

(Photo was captured from the CWB websites)

(Photo was captured from the CWB websites)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Temperature in Hsinchu County reached 37.9 degrees Celsius today (Oct. 9), setting the record of the hottest October day in the county since the measurement started in 1938, the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) said Monday.

In an interview with Central News Agency today, Hsinchu Weather Station worker surnamed Hung (洪) said the mercury in Hsinchu once hit 35.3 degrees in 2007, but it could not compare with the temperature that reached 37.9 degrees, making today the hottest October day in the county over the past 80 years.

Additionally, temperatures in northern Taiwan are around 31-32 degrees Celsius again today after the northeasterly winds have weakened, according to CWB. In eastern Taiwan, the weather is unstable due to a tropical depression in the east of the Philippines.

Meanwhile, another tropical depression called Khanun (in Thai means jackfruit) has been formed in the South China Sea and is expected to become the 20th typhoon of this year within 24 hours. However, the upcoming tropical depression will not directly hit Taiwan, according to the CWB forecast.