Taiwan's Shihsanhang Museum holds exhibition abroad for the first time

The key display for the event will be the replica of the 1800-years-old "Anthropomorphic Jar"


Photo courtesy Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Replicas of artifacts from Taiwan’s Shihsanhang Museum (十三行博物館) were displayed in Japan’s Miyazaki Prefecture on Friday. This is the first time the Taiwanese museum is holding a show abroad.

The director of the museum, Chen Chun-Ian (陳春蘭), mentioned the exhibition showcases replicas of 105 sets of artifacts from the museum which included a range of iron and pottery along with gold and glass items.

Different archaeological scholars and experts from both Taiwan and Japan are said to have joined hands in order to organize the exhibition with the aim to show a complete view of the brilliant iron culture in the north of Taiwan, said Chen, according to reports by the Central News Agency.

The key display for the event will be the replica of the ‘Anthropomorphic Jar’ which is one of the most distinct pieces of the museum. The jar is a piece of pottery of reddish-brown color from the indigenous Shihsanhang people and is said to be as old as 1,800 years. There are claims it may have some religious significance.

The museum is located in the northern district of Bali in New Taipei City. The district is known for its prehistoric artifacts which were unearthed there.