Central Taiwan records its highest October temperature in 121 years

Mercury hit 38.3 degrees early Sunday afternoon

October in Taichung: 38.3 degrees.

October in Taichung: 38.3 degrees. (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – While rain alerts were issued for the eastern half of Taiwan, Taichung wilted under a temperature of 38.3 degrees, the highest for an October day in the city since measurements started in 1896, the Central Weather Bureau said Sunday.

The mercury also set a record for the highest temperature for all of Taiwan in this particular month of October, according to a report by the Central News Agency.

A tropical depression over the Philippines was forcing ample rain in the direction of Taiwan’s eastern side, from Keelung in the far north to the Hengchun Peninsula at its southern tip, but due to the geography of the island, most of the central and southern part of the country’s western half remained out of reach from the rain.

The temperature of 38.3 degrees was reached at 2:03 p.m. Sunday, the weather bureau said.

Looking back at the weather history of all of Taiwan, Sunday’s Taichung temperature marked the third-hottest October day ever recorded. Highs of 38.5 degrees were reached in Taitung on the Double Ten National Day of October 10 in 1994, and in Chenggong, also in Taitung County, on October 6, 2007.