Nuit Blanche art festival kicks off in Taipei Saturday night

The art festival is intended to make you sleepless all night for the sake of arts.

The Nuit Blanche art festival

The Nuit Blanche art festival (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The annual cultural festival Nuit Blanche is about to kick off on Saturday night with an abundance of performances, live concerts, exhibitions, and forums in different parts of the city, inviting urban flâneurs to occupy the streets all night for the sake of arts.  

This year, the festival will take place in the southern tip of the capital, stretching from National Taiwan University (NTU) to the Taipower building, and eventually ending at Taipei City Hakka Cultural Park.  

With the spirit of “all-night events”, “free for all” and “civic engagement”, the festival aims to transform the city into an open gallery where every citizen is welcomed. Visitors are invited not only to appreciate works of art, but also to interact with artworks, and even to take part in the creation of arts.  

On one end of the route, various art installations and projections will decorate the palm boulevard of the NTU campus, with open-air live concerts, both electronic and classical, joining to make the university lively and festive at night.

In the center, numerous domestic and foreign artists will set up glittering art installations in and around the Taipower building with the use of light bulbs, fluorescent lights, neon, and metals. All you need to do is to bring a map and the treasure hunt is on!

At the other end, a variety of installations are prepared for the bookworms and nostalgics in the Hakka Cultural Park, and a stage truck that is often seen in the country at weddings or funerals will be in place for people to experience a unique type of Taiwanese culture.

Apart from the performances, more than 30 museums, public facilities, and cafes will open until midnight. Institutes including the Presidential Office, National Palace Museum, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei will also organize special events. For more information, you can go to the Nuit Blanche website