More Taiwanese head overseas for Double Ten holidays

Air travel has spiked ahead of the national holiday


(CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- According to the data released by Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport on Friday, Taiwanese nationals have already started flying out for the upcoming holiday.

According to the Central News Agency, the airport authorities said that Double Ten is a peak period for Taiwanese to travel abroad. They expect more departures on Saturday.

The Double Ten National Day holiday starts Saturday and ends on Tuesday.

According to the airport authorities, a total number of 127,000 travelers have either arrived or departed from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport on Friday and they expect the numbers to rise on Saturday and Sunday.

Some airlines have increased the number of flights to accommodate the rise in air travel. A total of 37 extra flights have been scheduled for Saturday, reports CNA.

Due to the high number of travelers it is expected to be crowded at airport counters and immigration. It is therefore recommended by the airport authorities to use e-Gates and the internet check-in services in order to avoid crowds, congestion and delays.