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Girlfriend of Las Vegas shooter is Filipina

Girlfriend of man who murdered at least 59 and wounded 527 is a native of the Philippines where she is currently traveling

Facebook photo of Marilou Danley.

Facebook photo of Marilou Danley.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- The woman who was a person of interest by police for being the girlfriend of Stephen Paddock, the gunman who killed 59 and wounded 527 at a mass shooting in Las Vegas Sunday, has been identified as Marilou Danley, a native of the Philippines, where she is currently traveling.

When police were able to enter the room where Paddock had been firing upon the crowd attending the Harvest Music Festival before shooting himself, they discovered playing cards with Danley's name on them and that he had used her ID to check into the Mandalay Bay hotel. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police then listed her as a "person of interest," and a manhunt was launched.

However, authorities soon determined that she was traveling in the Philippines and they do not believe she was directly involved in the largest mass shooting in American history, however they still intend to question her when she returns to the United States.

The 62-year-old Danley is a native of the Philippines and is fluent in Tagalog, however she had lived on the Gold Coast of Australia for several years where she became an Australian citizen before moving to the U.S. 20 years ago, reported The Australian.

Danley lived with Paddock in a home situated in a retirement community in Mequite, Nevada, approximately 130 km northeast of Las Vegas valued at $396,000, and many media outlets initially described her as Paddock's "roommate." However in an interview with CNN, his brother Eric Paddock described her as his "girlfriend." The neighbors of Paddock in Mesquite also told the Washington Post that Danley was his "girlfriend."

According to a report by the Daily Mail, she has a daughter and granddaughter, with whom she was said to be living with in Memphis, Tennessee in 2000. According to the report, she had an Australian husband, who is now deceased and later married an American man, Geary Danley, who she divorced in 2015.

She has lived in Nevada since 2003, but one of her sisters, Liza Werner, who still lives in Australia told the Gold Coast Bulletin "I can't comment at the moment. I can't say anything. I'm sorry, sorry."

Eric Paddock in an interview with CBS News described Danley as "a nice lady, I've met her three or four times. She's got a Facebook page, she sends my mom cookies."

On her LinkedIn page, she describes herself as 'gambling and casino professional' living in Reno. Also according to her LinkedIn page, she lists herself as a high-limit hostess at the Atlantis Casino Resort and Spa.

A friend of Paddock said that he had been in contact with Danley in recent days, according to a USA Today report.

Updated : 2022-01-26 22:48 GMT+08:00