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Cultural and fun facts about Taiwan

Taiwanese girls like to have fair skin and therefore they stay away from the sun as much as possible.

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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwan is an island influenced by Japan, Korea and China but most of its democratic lifestyle is also very similar to that of the West and the United Kingdom. Aside from being a beautiful island country it is also unique because of its history and cultural facts. Here are some interesting and fun facts about Taiwan most usually discussed among foreigner communities:

20. Taiwan is an eclectic mix of enterprises and individuals, including governmental officials, small business owners, farmers, and artisans. The working class is one fifth of the population and another fifth is made up of middle class.

19. Most Taiwanese don’t like the rain. This typically has to do with pollution and fears of acid rain on the skin.

18. Taiwanese girls like to have fair skin and therefore they stay away from the sun as much as possible.

17. Taiwanese are very hard working. An average Taiwanese works 70 hours a week.

16. Kids study so much that Taiwanese kids have the best math scores in the world. Taiwan is also among the high-IQ areas of the world.

15. There are bats in the parks that fly around everywhere.

14. Politeness, honor and respect for elders is the most valued custom in Taiwanese culture.

13. Taiwanese people are very welcoming and helpful towards foreign travelers or expats.

12. Taiwan has the highest density of convenience stores. 7-11 convenience stores are everywhere and open all day every day.

11. Crying or expressing yourself is not an issue whether it’s a teenager, a boy or a girl.

10. Taiwan has a history that goes back to the time when earliest evidence of humans was found.

9. An 8-hour drive is enough to cover the whole island.

8. Christmas is not a holiday in Taiwan even though Christmas decorations are everywhere.

7. Tipping is not a custom in Taiwan

6. It is normal for businesses or vendors to shut down their stores and take a post lunch nap.

5. Recycling is taken very seriously in Taiwan.

4. Taiwanese kids are responsible for keeping their school clean, therefore there are no janitors in the schools.

3. Taiwan has the seventh lowest birth rate in the world.

2. Taiwan is the first country in Asia likely to legalize same sex marriage.

1. There are about 14 recognized indigenous tribes in Taiwan and each tribe has its own language.