Taiwanese company punished for selling year-old Belgian ice cream

Employee reported company chief to health authorities


Taiwanese company fined for selling Belgian ice cream past sell-by date. (By Central News Agency)

Health inspectors sealed boxes of old Belgian ice cream. (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A Taiwanese company was fined and ordered to stop operating after it was found to be selling Glacio ice cream from Belgium more than one year past its sell-by date.

An employee at the local distributor of Glacio, a company named as Chen Shen Yang Hang (振紳洋行), informed the authorities that the manager, named as Hung Chen (洪珍), 60, found it wasteful to throw away old food and said that ice cream would not turn bad if it were kept inside a sufficiently refrigerated area.

Over the past year, Hung had ice cream from several batches past their sell-by date remixed, repackaged and sold to companies and individual customers, the employee reportedly said.

The woman only joined the company a year ago and gradually found out that Hung would sell the problem ice cream to five-star hotels in Hsinchu and Kaohsiung for use at wedding banquets, Chinese-language Next Magazine reported.

She also accused the company boss of having sold the old ice cream directly to the public at short-term events, such as a European food festival and a department store sale in Taipei last July.

In August, the employee informed the capital’s health authorities, who sealed 425 boxes of four tastes of ice cream and ordered the payment of a NT$1.2 million (US$39,550) fine. As the company also lacked a license necessary in the separate making of cakes and baked goods, it was ordered to stop production immediately, reports said.

In addition to Glacio, Hung's company also manages the Kaffee Amadeus coffee and bakery chain in Taiwan, reports said.