Jilted Malaysian girl casts death curse on ex-boyfriend

After boyfriend skips town, Malaysian girl uses Hungry Ghost Festival ritual to make a plaque with his name and curse it

(Images from Vicki Lok Facebook page)

(Images from Vicki Lok Facebook page)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- After being dumped by her boyfriend, a Malaysian girl decided to get even by making a funeral plaque in his name and placing a curse on it to condemn him to instant death and reincarnation. 

The Malaysian girl, listed on her Facebook page as Vicki Lok, said that her boyfriend used to frequently message her and video chat with her, however one day he suddenly evaporated. She soon found that he had blocked her on Instagram and Facebook. 

She then contacted his brother for any word on his whereabouts, but she only received one response: "don't keep waiting anymore."

Once she realized that he had dumped her, she decided to take revenge on Facebook. In her post, she writes:

"Dear Boyfriend, how are you?
I hope that you can see...
Since you went overseas on business early this year until now, I have not seen you. 
In the beginning we used to video call, but then suddenly I saw that you blocked me on FB and Instagram. 
I called your brother, but he said he didn't know where you were either, and said I shouldn't keep waiting for you.
It looks like you have run into problems overseas, but you could not contact me or call back, you just disappeared!
In the past few days I've seen people conduct Hungry Ghost Festival rituals. 
As your girlfriend, the only thing I can do for you now is, reincarnate you! I hope that you are reincarnated into a good family in the next life!"

She cast a spell usually meant to release the dead from purgatory during the Hungry Ghost Festival on her living boyfriend, with the intended effect being instant death and reincarnation. 

Strange shrine Lok created for her ex. (Vicki Lok Facebook)