Son of 'White Wolf' questioned by police over Sing China assaults

Wolfpack: Son of 'White Wolf' probed for gang links after Sing China attacks

Still of Chang Wei in altercation with students. (台灣共識 台灣成真 FB page)

Still of Chang Wei in altercation with students. (台灣共識 台灣成真 FB page)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- The son of Chang An-lo (張安樂), also known as "White Wolf" (白狼), a former gangster and a leader of the Chinese Unity Promotion Party (中華統一促進黨), was questioned by police for four hours yesterday over the assaults against National Taiwan University (NTU) students as they protested against the Sing China concert.

White Wolf's son, Chang Wei (張瑋), was questioned by police for four hours until midnight today over his involvement in the assaults against by pro-unifcation supporters against NTU students who were protesting the Sing China concert on Sunday afternoon. Chang was then seen entering the police station again at 11 a.m. this morning to continue questioning by police.

In addition to Chang, three other members of the Chinese Unity Promotion Party were brought in for questioning, including Wang Chien-cheng (汪建成), Wang Chi-pin (王啟繽), Lin Shao-che (林紹哲). Police said that all for will continue to be investigated and if there is any evidence of gang-related activity, and organized crime investigation will be launched.

Chang told reporters that he did not even know that there was a concert going on, he just heard that elders were surrounded by 20 students, and so he went to investigate. He said he went only to act in self defense, and then had a dispute with people on the scene.

Chang emphasized that "I went there to rescue people, I did not expect to be accused of assault." When asked if he had physically assaulted the students, he dodged the question and said that there is an ongoing investigation and it is not appropriate for him to respond at this time, and then was quickly whisked away by a lawyer.

Video posted on Facebook by WorldCountryTaiwan of scuffle between Chang Wei (in gray shirt and black pants) and his associates and NTU students on Sunday outside the Sing China venue.