Autumn weather is finally coming to Taiwan on Thursday: CWB

Following the coming of autumn, the weather in Taiwan will get cooler with some scattered showers



TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – After sweltering hot weather over the past week, cooler fall weather will finally arrive in Taiwan on Thursday night with the mercury falling 4-5 degrees with some areas possibly seeing rain, according to the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) report.

According to CWB forecaster, Chang Cheng-Chuan (張承傳), the first breeze of autumn, which technically began on Sept 23, will be brought by northeast winds which will affect Taiwan starting from Thursday night (Sep. 28) and will continue through Saturday (Sep. 30). The blistering hot summer weather will finally be replaced by autumn chill with highs around 30-32 degrees in the daytime and possible scattered showers.

However, after the northeast wind leaves, Taiwan will return to scorching weather and again face high temperatures of 35-36 degrees and thunderstorms in some western parts of Taiwan, said Chang.