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Police to sweep Bamboo Gang sex dens after NTU students attacked

In wake of attack of NTU students by pro-unification member, Taipei police are starting a sweep of gang operations

Police to sweep Bamboo Gang sex dens after NTU students attacked

(CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- In the wake of a brutal attack on several National Taiwan University (NTU) students by a member of the pro-unification Patriot Association (愛國同心會), the National Police Agency announced that it will begin a crackdown on groups in Taipei and New Taipei City that have been organized under the false pretense of political activism to disrupt social order, reported UDN.

During a student protest of the Sing China concert at NTU on Sunday, a man identified as Hu Ta-kang (胡大剛), 61, a member of the pro-unification Patriot Association (愛國同心會), was captured on video attacking at least two students outside of the venue with an extendable metal baton. The group has been involved in four previous cases of assault since 2014, three of which were directed a members of the religious group Falungong.

Taipei City Police announced that starting early this morning, officers will be dispatched to all hotels, KTV bars and such establishments operated by the United Bamboo Gang (Bamboo Union, 竹聯幫), Taiwan's largest Triad, and its affiliated branches to run inspections, raids and "curb gang arrogance." Some political activist groups in Taiwan have been found to have connections with criminal organizations such as the Bamboo Union.

The Zhongshan Police Bureau, which is in the heart of Taipei's red light district, will adopt a strategy of a "Three hit sweep against crime:" First, it will quickly apprehend troublemakers; second, it will sweep the strongholds of rogue organizations; third, it will cut off the revenue streams of gang members.

Police said that they hope through their new crackdown they will be able to suppress gang-related activities, trace the source of revenue for these organizations, and shut down illegal, violent groups.