Women rush to buy up Taiwan’s I-Mei Milk Tea at Costco

Report caused stir online due to the quantity involved


Three women buy 18 boxes of I-Mei Milk Tea at Costco (photo courtesy of Baofei Gongshe).

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Three women caused a stir online by buying 18 boxes of I-Mei Milk Tea (義美厚奶茶) within five minutes of a Costco outlet opening for business, according to a report in the Chinese-language Apple Daily.

A customer of the American supermarket chain witnessed the feat and took pictures to post on the Baofei Gongshe (爆廢公社) online forum.

The Costco outlet, which was not identified, opened at 9:30, but at 9:35 a.m. the three middle-aged women already stood by the cash register at the exit with three carts loaded with, according to the photographer, 18 large boxes of the milk tea.

The product must have been the most popular item on sale at Costco since a recent rush on its strawberry cakes, the Apple Daily wrote.

According to the witness, there was no milk tea left for other customers, which was echoed by online commentators who said they now knew why they never found the product when visiting the supermarket.

Another netizen said he had seen one customer buying ten cartons of the milk tea in one go.

Amid the food safety scares of the past few years, I-Mei Foods Co. has built up a reputation for healthy Taiwan-sourced products, while also playing a pioneering role in food testing.