Ashes of slain Vietnamese migrant worker to be taken home

Relatives of the migrant worker took his ashes back to Vietnam this morning

Nguyen Quoc Phi's sister carried his ossuary in the black backpack.

Nguyen Quoc Phi's sister carried his ossuary in the black backpack. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The ashes of the Vietnamese worker shot dead by police officers were taken home this morning in preparation for the funeral.

Nguyen Quoc Phi, the "unaccounted for" Vietnamese worker has drawn public attention for being shot nine times by Taiwanese police officers in Hsinchu County. Around 10 a.m. today, Nguyen's ashes were carried in an urn by his father and sister to Noi Bai International Aiport in Hanoi, Vietnam, reported by CNA.

After landing to Vietnam, the migrant worker's relatives, who traveled six hours from his hometown to Ha Noi, were already waiting at the airport to see Nguyen's father, sister and his urn.

Holding her brother's urn, Nguyen Thi Cao could not hide her sorrow and said: "Brother, let's go home." Nguyen's ashes were then taken to his hometown in Nghe An Province in preparation for the funeral.

The incident involving the Vietnamese worker took place at the end of August when he was confronted by authorities for allegedly being involved in auto theft and was subsequently shot dead by police. His death has sparked public outrage and led to demands from migrant workers and activists for a thorough investigation. Police say that the investigation of Nguyen's case is currently in progress.

As for video footage of the shooting itself, Hsinchu Police yesterday announced that they cannot release body cam footage of the shooting of Vietnamese worker during an ongoing investigation.

Police claim that they first tried non-lethal methods to subdue Nguyen before using lethal force. Activists and his family question the necessity of using firearms and the long period of time it took before Nguyen finally received medical attention.