Taiwanese actor William Hsieh now a 'spicy teacher'

William Hsieh realizes 20-year dream of becoming a teacher with his appointment as Director of Performing Arts at TPCU

William Hsieh Facebook page

William Hsieh Facebook page

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Taiwanese actor William Hsieh (謝祖武), famous for his starring role in the TV show "Spicy Teacher" (麻辣鮮師), has just realized his dream of being a teacher in real life by being chosen as the Director of Performing Arts at Taipei City University of Science and Technology (TPCU), reported Liberty Times.

The 49-year-old Hsieh on Thursday received the letter of appointment directly from the president of TPCU. Moved with emotion, Hsieh said, "I'm going to be a teacher,' having realized a dream he had held for 20 years though he never thought he would achieve it, much less become a department head.

While holding his new letter of appointment, Hsieh wrote on a Facebook post on Thursday (Sept. 21):

"Today I have a new role, this is a new breakthrough, I look forward to campus life, let's go everybody."

As for his mood for the post, he listed himself as "feeling challenged at TPCU."

Hsieh in front of blackboard in TPCU. (​William Hsieh Facebook page)

Netizens quickly lined up to take his class:

"I want to instantly transfer."

"I want to be Brother Hsieh's student."

"I really want to take Brother Lei's class (the lead character Hsieh played in the TV series "Spicy Teacher").

Hsieh with students and cheerleaders in TPCU classroom. (​William Hsieh Facebook page)