Muddy water at Taiwan hot spring turns out to be golden

"Golden spring" in Jinshan beneficial to health


Hot springs in Jinshan (photo courtesy of Taiwan Booth Brussels Holiday Fair Facebook page).

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Bathers initially stayed away from a hot springs in Jinshan (金山) near Keelung because they thought its water was muddy and dirty, but after analysis, it turned out to be a healthy “golden bath,” reports said Thursday.

During repair works on the spring, a brownish-yellow fluid suddenly started pouring out, chasing visitors away because they thought it was too dirty to bathe in, according to a report by Sanlih E-Television.

It was only analysis of the water which led to the conclusion that it contained the same elements as the “golden bath” famous from one of Japan’s three top hot springs, Arima (有馬) near Kobe (神戶).

Bathing in the 80-degrees water can cure inflammation and ease pain, improve the condition of the skin, and is beneficial to people suffering from rheumatism or dermatitis, Sanlih reported.

Since the true nature of the water was discovered, bathers have been praising its characteristics, saying it was shiny and slippery, and would make their skin soft, reports said.

The analysis showed it was an acid chloride sulfate spring, with a high content of metals and salt in its water. It is normally transparent when it emerges from the earth, but due to contact with the air, the color turns golden brown to earn the nicknames of “golden bath” or “golden springs,” the report said.

Experts said it was rare occurrence for this type of spring to coexist so closely with other springs offering clear transparent water.