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Winners and losers in GOP's last-ditch health overhaul

Winners and losers in GOP's last-ditch health overhaul

WASHINGTON (AP) — The GOP's last-ditch effort to repeal "Obamacare" would redistribute hundreds of billions of dollars in federal financing for insurance coverage, creating winners and losers among individual Americans and states in ways not yet fully clear.

Independent analysts say the latest Senate Republican bill is likely to leave more people uninsured than the Affordable Care Act, and allow states to make changes that raise costs for people with health problems or pre-existing medical conditions.

After closed-door meetings Tuesday, supporters seemed confident but acknowledged they're not sure if the bill can pass.

The biggest changes would start in 2020 — the next presidential election year.

The Congressional Budget Office has said it doesn't have time to complete a full analysis of the impact on coverage before the deadline for the Senate vote.