Hong Kong hammer heist nets NT$100 million in 10 seconds

Three men fled on a motorcycle: reports

Photo courtesy of Chow Sang Sang.

Photo courtesy of Chow Sang Sang.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Three men on a motorcycle attacked a Hong Kong jewelry store with iron hammers and made off with almost NT$100 million (HK$25 million) worth of valuables, reports said Tuesday.

The incident happened in broad daylight and only took 10 seconds to execute, with the men fleeing the scene on the motorcycle, according to reports by the South China Morning Post.

The shop targeted was an outlet of the Chow Sang Sang (周生生) chain on Canton Road close to Nathan Road in Tsim Sha Tsui (尖沙嘴), one of Hong Kong’s most popular tourist areas.

At around 10 a.m. Tuesday, three men, variously described as “non-ethnic-Chinese” or “South Asian,” arrived near the store on a motorcycle, reports said. Two of them wielded iron hammers to smash the shop window on the first floor of a shopping arcade before grabbing the jewelry and running back to the motorcycle, which was not carrying any license plates.

The shop had only just opened for business and the staff had just completed laying out the valuables in the window, reports said.

Tuesday’s raid followed several similar incidents in the same neighborhood at the southern end of Kowloon.

On Monday night, a group of two Hong Kong men and four Chinese tried to rob a watch store in Tsim Sha Tsui but were arrested by police.

Last March, in an incident similar to Tuesday’s heist, one masked robber smashed the window of a jewelry store on Nathan Road with a hammer and ran off with a diamond ring valued at more than HK$5 million (NT$19 million).