Twitch streamer STPeach gets grief from trolls for Asian boyfriend

Canadian Instagram goddess and Twitch streamer Lisa Vannatta is assailed online for having Asian boyfriend

Canadian vlogger Lisa Vannatta and Korean boyfriend Jay. (lisapeachy Instagram)

Canadian vlogger Lisa Vannatta and Korean boyfriend Jay. (lisapeachy Instagram)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Lisa Vannatta, a popular Canadian video game vlogger and Instagram goddess, who is known for both her physical assets and her chipper demeanor, has drawn hundreds of hateful comments for a video she posted of her travels with her Korean boyfriend Jay.

Better known by her Twitch live video streaming handle STPeach, Vannatta posted a seemingly innocuous video of herself and her boyfriend attending her first meet and greet at an anime expo in California.​ Little did she know that this would incur the wrath of a tsunami of web trolls criticizing her for dating an Asian man.

Vannatta showing some of her physical "assets." (lisapeachy Instagram)

One commenter put it best when he said, "Abandon hope, all ye who enter the comment section."

The most racist and obscene comments generally fixated on the perceived, stereotypical physical inadequacies of Asian men.

"Lol why do you date a 5'8 Asian manlet? I feel bad if you guys have some mongrel kids."

"Yellow fever much? She only dates Asians."

Vanatta dressed as Harley Quinn. (lisapeachy Instagram)

Other shallow users speculated that she is with him because of his money:

"So how does this ugly ass asian guy get with a hot ass white chick, they are on different spectrums as far as looks go, he must be rich."

Screen capture of the couple from their video about their trip to the anime expo.

One user criticized the hypocrisy of some white men who date Asian women, but are threatened by Asian men who date white women: "The white man's logic: White men can get Asian women. But Asian men can't get White women. Meanwhile white men raise sons who look Asian. LOGIC."

Vanatta's costume for anime expo. (lisapeachy Instagram)

However, there were many positive comments that began to rise to the surface with more thumbs up:

"You guys are a beautiful couple. You keep doing you. Haters will try and bring down your success because they are jealous. Ignore them because you guys are objectively awesome."