Naughty nanny canned for drinking mother's milk

Kaohsiung nanny is fired after she is caught drinking bottle of mother's breast milk instead of feeding it to baby

Bottles of pumped breast milk.

Bottles of pumped breast milk. (By Wikimedia Commons)

TAPEI (Taiwan News) -- A Kaohsiung mother discovered that the nanny she had hired was drinking her breast milk instead of feeding it to her children, and when confronted, she said she "had only drank a little bit," and her old boss "let me take her breast milk home," reported TVBS.

The mother, surnamed Lin (林), had hired the 58-year-old nanny after carefully reviewing her resume and carrying out an interview that seemed to show that she had a love for children. The nanny also offered to help the woman as she "sat the month" (zuo yuezi, 坐月子), a traditional form of postpartum confinement, and even care for the children for free on her off hours.

One day, during her "yuezi" (month of confinement,) Lin saw the nanny carrying an empty milk bottle to the kitchen. Out of curiosity, Lin asked "where's the milk?" and it was then that she realized the nanny had drunk the breast milk. She then admonished the nanny, "in the future, if my daughter is full, please feed the rest to my son!"

After her yuezi had ended, the mother saw the nanny feed her daughter for about 40 minutes and estimated that there was about 40 to 50 cc of mother's milk left in the bottle, and then went to another room to straighten her bed. When she came out she asked the nanny if her daughter had finished the bottle, to which she said "yes!"

She then wrote in her diary that her daughter had drunk 130 cc of milk, but she felt something was awry. She took a look at the CCTV footage of her living room and found that while the nanny was feeding her daughter, she glared at the camera lens, and then got up and went to the kitchen, where she thought she was out of view of the camera, and proceeded to guzzle the entire bottle of breast milk.

To Lin's disgust, she not only failed to finish feeding her daughter, and drink the milk for herself, "she didn't even bother to burp her!"

When Lin confronted the nanny about drinking her milk, she replied "I only drank a little bit!"

The nanny then sent a bizarre message on the mobile social media app Line saying:

"The previous mother I worked for let me take her breast milk home, and if the baby had not finished it, she would not make a big deal about it. She even said, 'Auntie, if you are brave enough to drink it, then that's OK.' It really is one grain of rice that can feed a hundred people, I originally did not want to go to your home anyway."

After she saw the nanny's message, she then replied, "Am I obligated to give you mother's milk to drink? Wanting to leave some for my son is wrong?" Lin said that it is already hard enough to produce enough milk for her baby, only to have a nanny drink it all in one gulp. Lin said that she denied doing it and her daughter ends up going hungry without having enough milk in the process.

It was only when she informed the Nanny System that she found out the nanny's previous employer had given a less-than-glowing evaluation of the woman: "old school mentality, not able to communicate, always selfish when caring for children."

The nanny has been handed over to the Social Affairs Bureau to deal with and according to Lin, she claims to have found work at a kindergarten. Lin calls on everyone to "watch out for this nanny, do not let other families become victimized as well!"

Netizens were shocked by the nanny's peculiar penchant for mother's milk:

"This is ridiculous! Why do you need to drink other people's milk."

"The mindset of some people is scary, to avoid waste so? You can drink other people's stuff? No matter what, it shouldn't be the nanny drinking it, right?"