Canadian woman swimming in underwear nearly swept away by riptide

After long night of drinking, Canadian woman takes midnight swim at Baishawan and is nearly swept away by riptide

Baishawan Beach.

Baishawan Beach. (By Wikimedia Commons)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - Five foreign tourists taking a midnight swim at Baishawan Beach (白沙灣) in New Taipei were caught off guard by a dangerous riptide, with a Canadian woman from the group undergoing a harrowing two-hour ordeal to struggle her way back to shore, reported UDN

After a long night of drinking and reveling, five foreign tourists, who were camping at Baishawan Beach, decided to strip off their clothes down to their underwear and take a dip in the ocean at 1 a.m. yesterday morning. A large pile of Taiwan Beer cans were spotted next to their campfire on the beach. 

The five soon encountered a powerful riptide, and though the four men in the group were able to swim ashore, the sole female member was caught in the current. 

When the men, one of whom was the Canadian boyfriend of the woman and current student at a Taiwanese university, reached the shore, they quickly realized the woman was missing and ran to a nearby B&B to seek help, reported Apple Daily

Police and firefighters were dispatched to the scene as well as a helicopter. However, after two hours, the 23-year-old woman managed to swim back to shore on her own and was discovered by rescue workers walking on the beach. 

Upon seeing his girlfriend alive, the Canadian man quickly rushed to embrace her and started to cry profusely. Afterwards, the whole group thanked police and firefighters for their efforts to help find her.

Authorities reminded beachgoers to avoid swimming late at night to prevent just such a scenario.