Chinese netizens enraged after Taiwanese vlogger describes trip 'abroad' to Beijing

When Taiwanese makeup vlogger uses term 'go abroad' to describe trip to Beijing, Chinese netizens go bonkers


Screen shot of Mii Huang's video in Beijing. (黃小米 Mii YouTube channel)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- When popular Taiwanese makeup vlogger Mii Huang (黃小米) on Tuesday posted a video on YouTube of her recent trip to Beijing, little did she know she would start an international incident when she inadvertently indirectly implied that China is separate country from Taiwan, thus incurring the wrath of hundreds of Chinese netizens. 

At the 56 second mark of her video titled "Get Ready With Me," she introduces a facial skin care product and makes the fatal mistake of calling it very convenient to "take overseas."  She then spends the next 10 minutes of the video documenting mundane tasks such as applying makeup, eating at a restaurant, and visiting a mall, all without making another "political statement."

Despite the fact that YouTube has been continuously blocked by the Great Firewall of China since 2009, hundreds of Chinese netizens soon went on the attack for implying that the trip to Beijing was traveling overseas, and therefore to a separate country from Taiwan. 

Chinese netizens posted comments such as the following:

"Going to Beijing counts as going abroad?! Sister, you are Chinese, got it!"

"Calling for Taiwanese independence cannot be forgiven."

"Going abroad? I don't understand, involved in makeup and talks about politics?"

Huang replied by saying, "This is a makeup channel, don't talk about politics!"