Taiwan premier promises workweek reform after hearing lawmakers

Premier Lai wants to hear opinions from legislators first


Premier Lai (center) at the post-Cabinet news conference Thursday. (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Premier William Lai (賴清德) promised Thursday he would consider the opinions of lawmakers before presenting adjustments to workweek reform once the Legislative Yuan had come out of summer recess.

The topic of workweek reform was widely believed to be one of the reasons for the relative unpopularity of Lai’s processor Lin Chuan (林全), who left office earlier this month to be succeeded by Tainan Mayor Lai on September 8.

After Lin’s Cabinet introduced a measure involving two days off following every five working days (一例一休) last year, some business associations said the change was not suited to their sector of the economy.

Before taking office as premier, Lai reportedly made statements indicating he was in favor to adjustments to the workweek policies.

Speaking after his first regular weekly Cabinet meeting Thursday, Lai said that during his visits to the legislative caucuses over the past days, nearly every party had mentioned the topic of workweek reform to him.

The presentation of his policy report at the opening of the Legislative Yuan’s next session would form yet another opportunity to hear the view of lawmakers, Lai said.

There was no official government version of revisions to workweek reform now, but once he had considered various opinions, the government would reach a reasoned conclusion and report to the public about the changes they proposed, according to the premier.