Top 10 Taiwanese instant noodles of all time: Ramen Rater

Ramen Rater Hans Lienesch lists top 10 Taiwanese instant noodles of all time


Kiki Noodles Scallion Oil & Soy Sauce Flavor. (

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Sporting a Taiwan No.1 T-shirt Instant noodle review blogger Hans Lienesch on Sept. 3 posted his top 10 favorite Taiwanese ramen noodle products for the year in a video and blog titled, "Top Ten Taiwanese Instant Noodles Of All Time 2017 Edition," which was compiled after sampling and reviewing a mind-boggling 2,500 varieties of instant rice noodles.

​In the Ramen Rater, a U.S. ramen review website, Lienesch chose Mom’s Dry Noodle Dan Dan Noodle (老媽拌麵老成都擔擔麵) for the top spot because the noodles retained their chewiness with a "confident backbone" and because of the "simple yet complex" blending of Sichuan pepper oil, Sichuan pepper, sesame sauce, and soy sauce, all while "nobody's feet get stepped on."

The following are the Ramen Rater's top 10 favorite Taiwanese instant noodles:

10. Kiki Noodles Sichuan Spices Flavor Noodle (KiKi食品雜貨椒麻拌麵)

Though there are a huge number of Sichuan style instant noodles in the market, Lienesch felt this one separated itself from the pack with its generous packet of Sichuan peppers. 

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9: Mom’s Dry Noodle Sichuan Spicy Flavor (老媽拌麵人氣正宗四川麻辣拌麵)

The "wide-gauge noodles," the spiciness, and rich flavor earned the number nine spot for this product.

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8: Mom’s Dry Noodle Sour & Spicy Flavor (老媽拌麵酸辣拌麵)

Lienesch enjoyed the "quirky taste" of this product, which came from a combination of the sour and tart taste of black vinegar combined with spice. 

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7: TTL Sesame Oil Chicken With Rice Wine Noodle (台酒麻油雞麵)

This noodle is distinctive as it is the first time he has encountered packaged ramen with a sachet of "booze." He describes the rice wine as giving it "an interesting hit," which goes well with its sesame flavor, broth, and chicken. He doubts it would be sold in the U.S. as authorities would fear that kids would buy multiple packages just to drink the liquor inside. 

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6: Uni-President Man Han Feast Super Hot Pot Beef Flavor Instant Noodles (滿漢大餐麻辣鍋牛肉麵)

After being recommended by Taiwanese fans for years, he finally tried one at a 7-Eleven when he was in Taiwan. He was most impressed by the big chunks of real beef. 

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5: Kiki Noodles Scallion Oil & Soy Sauce Flavor Noodle (KiKi食品雜貨蔥油拌麵)

He loved the scallion and soy sauce which gave it a nice "sweetness and onioniness."

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4: Tseng Noodle Scallion With Sichuan Pepper Flavor 曾拌麵香蔥椒麻口味

Lienesch was impressed by the hearty "center line" of the noodles with the thinner delicate exterior of the noodles. 

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3: Little Cook Thailand Green Curry Instant Noodle (小廚師泰式綠咖哩雞麵)

The unique thing about this product is that it is a "two course meal" of sorts in that there is a bowl of noodles and a separate bowl of soup to sip as one eats the noodles. 

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2: Xiao Ban Mian Traditional Shallot & Onion Oil Noodle (小拌麵古早味雙蔥油細麵)

He describes the noodles as rectangular with the "perfect tension and chew to them." He also refers to it as "noodle candy" and "out of sight."

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1: Mom’s Dry Noodle Dan Dan Noodle (老媽拌麵老成都擔擔麵)

Lienesch says that the noodles are thin with sesame sauce, soy sauce, Sichuan peppers, and Sichuan peppercorns. He says the flavors blend well together as a "nice sine wave" with "little notes coming out with little crescendos here and there." He was so impressed with this noodle that he is considering it for the big annual top 10 list.  

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