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Tsai outlines policies for comics, games industries at awards show

Tsai outlines government’s six promotional policies for animation, comics and games industries at 8th Golden Comic Awards

(Taiwan Today image)

(Taiwan Today image)

President Tsai Ing-wen outlined Sept. 12 six policies aimed at fostering the animation, comics and games industries at the Golden Comic Awards in Taipei City.

According to the president, the policies comprise efforts to nurture local talents and encourage more people to join the sector; cultivate diverse distribution and exhibition channels; and promote interdisciplinary collaboration. Also included are measures to set up a comics information portal aimed at facilitating cooperation between artists and companies; increase funding for these sectors so as to strengthen their economic output; and found a national comics museum.

The six policies will help transform the animation, comics and games industries into major players in Taiwan’s vibrant cultural and creative sector, and boost international awareness of the nation’s unique cultural characteristics, Tsai said.

During her remarks, the president also paid tribute to renowned Taiwan comic book artist Hsu Mao-sung for successfully managing a publishing company and encouraging talents during a downturn in the local industry. The 81-year-old received the Special Contribution Award at the GCA for these efforts as well as the quality and diversity of works he produced over a decadeslong career.

The big winner at the show was Ruan Guang Min, who claimed Comic of the Year and Best Comic for Young Adults for “Yong-Jiu Grocery Store Vol.1: Leave a Light On.” This acclaimed work follows a young man who takes over his grandfather’s traditional corner store, with judges praising the publication for capturing a snapshot of Taiwan life and conveying the warmth of local communities.

Other GCA winners include Chang-Sheng, Best Comic for Teenage Boys; Chen Te-li, Best Editor; Crystal Kung, Best New Talent; Little Cat Flying, Best Comic Strip Collection; Mae, Best Comic for Teenage Girls; X. Z. Chou, Best Comic for Kids; and 61Chi, Best Cross-media Application.

Launched in 2010, the awards are the top honors in Taiwan’s comics industry. This year’s edition received a highest-ever total of 209 submissions, up from 118 in 2016.

The 8th GCA also featured two conferences and 10 networking sessions, gathering artists, publishers, curators of comic festivals and television producers from across the world to share best practices and explore business opportunities, according to event organizer Ministry of Culture.

Updated : 2022-05-25 05:29 GMT+08:00