Taiwan retailers offer US$621 trade-in deals for iPhone X and iPhone 8

Taiwanese netizens complained the phones cost nearly 20 percent higher than their US counterparts


iPhone 8 (screenshot of Taiwan Apple website)

iPhone 8 (screenshot of Taiwan Apple website)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - Apple Inc. officially announced the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus on Tuesday. Taiwanese electronics retailers are launching trade-in deals that allow iPhone owners to swap an old one with a new shiny all-glass and extra-costly phone for up to NT$18,800 (US$621) in discounts.

The iPhone 8/ Plus and iPhone X pre-orders will start September 15, and October 27 in Taiwan, respectively. The iPhone8/ Plus and iPhone X will be available in stores beginning September 22, and November 3, respectively.

The new flagship phone from Apple will come in three colors – pinkish gold, silver and grey, and three display sizes- 4.7, 5.5, and 5.8-inch retina display. The new phones feature new facial recognition sensors and support wireless charging.

Taiwan’s Data Express started taking pre-orders for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus on Wednesday, the earliest among its local competitors.

According to the Cupertino-based company, a 64 GB iPhone X is priced at US$999 (NT$30,100), while the same model is nearly 20 percent more expensive in Taiwan at NT$35,900 in local currency, according to its Taiwan website. After learning of complaints from Taiwanese netizens, Apple Daily investigated the price gap and attributed part of them to shipping fee and insurance, whose cost was not mentioned in the report, along with the five percent local business tax and the 0.04 percent trade promotion service fee, which amount to NT$1,516 altogether.

The iPhone X will be available for pre-order beginning October 27 in more than 55 countries and territories, including Taiwan, and in stores beginning November 3. 

Local electronic retailers TKEC (燦坤) and STUDIO A both offer trade-in deals that allow iPhone owners to swap an old one with a new shiny all-glass phone, with the former offering an up to NT$18,800 (US$621) discount for 265GB iPhone 7 Plus owners, starting September 30.

iPhone 7 Plus owners can swap their old ones with the new all-glass phones with a discount of between NT$11,000 and NT$14,800 at STUDIO A. Owners of other old iPhone, iPad air, Macbook air models can enjoy a different set of discounts for a new phone after an on-site evaluation by store staff.