Counterfeit kitty: Bogus Hello Kitty grows a mouth

Taiwanese woman freaks out when her 'Hello Kitty' prize turns out to be a cheap knockoff with a Chinglish name

Bogus Hello Kitty bag. (Image from 爆料公社)

Bogus Hello Kitty bag. (Image from 爆料公社)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A user of the Taiwanese social media group Breaking News Commune (爆料公社) posted images of what she originally thought were Hello Kitty bags, but turned out to be knockoffs with Chinglish names, and oddly, a mouth, for a character that has not had one since its creation in 1974.

The woman had been shopping with her friend when she was able to grab three Hello Kitty items when playing a claw crane game. Initially, it appeared that she had won a Hello Kitty pencil case and two Hello Kitty drawstring bags.

However, when she got home, she realized that though the pencil case had the standard Hello Kitty character on the outside, the creature on the two drawstring bags lacked the telltale button nose and instead had yellow lips or a beak and had the gibberish name "HELLO TTKIY" emblazoned on the top. Upon seeing this malformed mascot, she "collapsed."

Hello Kitty pencil case (top) and two fake Hello Kitty bags below. (Breaking News Commune)

Fake Hello Kitty bag. (Breaking News Commune)

Fake Hello Kitty bag. (Breaking News Commune)

Netizens also had plenty to say about this counterfeit kitty:

"His name is hello ttkiy, it does not say kitty!"

"Poof! Ttkiy, has a duckbill."

"Hello KiDuck (Chicken)?"

"It can finally eat something."

"Kitty finally has a mouth."

"It looks like Hello Kitty has a cousin."

"Is this the result of Hello Kitty's mother having sex with Bad Badtz-Maru (penguin character)?"

The caption reads: "Are you sure its a kitty and not Bad Badtz-Maru's sister? Bad Badtz-Maru is another character from the Hello Kitty universe that is a boy penguin. (Breaking News Commune)