Taiwan’s two leading orchestras join hands in reviving Mahler Symphony No.8

"A thousand people witnessing the miracle of music, the acclamation of art."


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra (NTSO) teams up with Taipei Symphony Orchestra (TSO) inviting renowned conductor Lan Shui and four choirs to present a unique and dramatic masterpiece - Mahler Symphony No. 8 - for the opening concert of this season.

Because of its huge scale and requirement of huge instrumental and vocal forces, Mahler’s Symphony No. 8 is rarely performed, and it has been six years since this "Symphony of a Thousand" was played in Taiwan last time.

As the composer said himself, “This is the greatest piece of work I have created so far. Its form and content are so unique, it is difficult to describe it in words. Imagine that the whole universe bursts into song. We hear no longer human voices, but those of planets and suns circling in their orbits. For me, all the symphonies I wrote before were only preludes to this one. They are filled with subjective tragedy, only this symphony is the fountain of extreme joy and happiness.”

For the audience who is going to hear Mahler’s Symphony for the first time, conductor Lan Shui suggested that they just follow the story of the music like reading a book. “The Symphony No.8 has a very specific storyline, just follow the story,” he noted.

This “Symphony of A Thousand” is a grand symphony not only in terms of scale but also because it is Mahler’s utmost presentation of music that exceeds any spiritual concept known to man.