Taiwan calls sea alert as Typhoon Talim moves farther north

Land alert could follow early Wednesday, offices and schools open as usual


Image courtesy of the Central Weather Bureau.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwan issued sea alerts Tuesday afternoon and was preparing to call land alerts early Wednesday, as Typhoon Talim’s (泰利) expected path was revised farther north.

The worst of the storm was expected to strike Taiwan from Wednesday afternoon until Thursday noon, but local governments all over Taiwan announced Wednesday at least would be a normal school and working day, with only a couple of schools in Yilan County bucking the trend.

At 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, the Central Weather Bureau issued sea alerts for the waters east and north of Taiwan. Land alerts were likely to follow in the early hours of Wednesday morning, reports said.

In the meantime, the path Talim was expected to take was repeatedly revised, with each new version putting the storm on a route further north.

Whereas before the weekend, forecasters still speculated the typhoon would bypass Taiwan’s southern tip and roar through the Bashi Channel, later statements said the eye of the storm would make landfall in Taitung County and cross Taiwan’s southernmost part.

By Monday, the site of the expected landfall was moved up to Yilan County in the northeast, but by Tuesday afternoon, the new consensus among forecasters was that Talim would not reach Taiwanese soil at all but bypass the island off its northern coast.

An added twist was that the typhoon was likely to veer north once it had passed Taiwan, miss China’s coastline, and then turn away in the direction of Japan.

Nevertheless, Talim staying away from land in Taiwan did not mean that its wind and rain should be underestimated, forecasters warned.

By 5 p.m. Tuesday, the eye of the storm was located 740 kilometers east-southeast of Taipei and moving west-northwest at a speed of 21 km per hour slowing down to 18 kph, the Central Weather Bureau said.

Precisely 24 hours later, Talim could be expected to be 290 km east of Taipei, according to the forecast.