Taiwan denies plans by U.S. to station nuclear weapons on island

Presidential spokesman condemns South Korean newspaper report


Presidential spokesman Alex Huang. (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – As global concern over North Korea’s nuclear capabilities mount, Taiwan’s Presidential Office has denied South Korean media reports that the United States was planning to station nuclear weapons on the island.

South Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo reported that U.S. President Donald Trump was considering stationing strategic nuclear weapons in Taiwan, South Korea and Japan in order to pressure Chinese President Xi Jinping into becoming tougher on North Korea.

However, the Presidential Office in Taipei rejected the reports, saying that first of all the government had never heard of such news, and secondly, there were no plans in such sense.

Presidential spokesman Alex Huang (黃重諺) described the Korean media reports as irresponsible, since they had not gone through common journalistic practices such as checking sources or asking for comment.

Aggressive language by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un coupled with repeated missile and nuclear bomb tests have led to international concern about the possibility of a new conflict in Northeast Asia.

The United Nations agreed Monday to impose new sanctions on the communist country including limits on the imports of oil and oil products, most of which come from China, a ban on the export of textiles, and restrictions on North Koreans working overseas.