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'Proof' of Rohingya-set fires in Myanmar fails inspection

'Proof' of Rohingya-set fires in Myanmar fails inspection

BANGKOK (AP) — A Buddhist abbot told reporters he had photographic proof that Rohingya Muslims had burned their own village in Myanmar. But the images were of two Hindus the journalists had met only hours before.

Violence in Myanmar's Rakhine state has driven some 300,000 Rohingya from the country while also sparking a war pitting the truth against so-called "fake news." Supporters of both Myanmar's government and Rohingya have spread falsehoods.

Like the monk, the government says Rohingya insurgents have been burning down their own villages in northern Rakhine as they attacked both majority Buddhists and minority Hindus. But Rohingya say Myanmar security forces and Buddhist mobs have attacked them and razed their homes in a conflict that the government estimates has killed close to 400 people since it erupted late last month.

Updated : 2021-10-27 06:49 GMT+08:00