Tropical Storm Talim to affect all of Taiwan by Sept. 14

Tropical Storm Talim is rapidly gaining in size and intensity and is currently on a path to strike Hualien or Taitung


Projected path of Talim. (CWB)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Tropical storm Talim is rapidly increasing in size and strength and is heading on a path to hit Taiwan directly sometime between Wednesday noon and Thursday, with an impact somewhere between Hualien and Taitung becoming more likely, according to the Central Weather Bureau (CWB).

Tropical Storm Talim was located 17.7 degrees North and 136.4 degrees East, which is about 1,870 kilometers east-southeast of Taiwan's southernmost tip, Eluanbi, and was moving west-northwest at a speed of 29 kilometers per hour, with wind speeds of 126 kilometers per hour, according to the CWB.

Yesterday, the radius of the storm was 80 kilometers, during the evening it increased to 100 kilometers, and today it has reached 150 kilometers, and is continuing to grow in size as well as strength. 

The CWB said the likelihood that Talim will make impact in Taiwan is very high, with it probably making landfall some time between midday Wednesday and Thursday. When Talim hits Taiwan, heavy rain and strong winds will be seen throughout the country as it is blanketed by the storm. 

Currently, the computer models of various weather agencies are providing highly differing predictions of Talim's path. The U.S. prediction is that it will hit Hualien, the European model suggests it will hit Taitung, and the China Meteorological Administration forecasts a landing on the Hengchun Peninsula. 

Daniel Wu (吳德榮), a prominent weather expert who teaches at National Central University (中央大學), said that despite the three very different models, the probability of a northern approach has increased with an landing point somewhere between Hualien and Taitung, reported UDN. However, more time will be needed to get a more accurate fix on its landing point, said Wu.